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My name is Maxwell Lang

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with 3+ years of professional experience.


CompTIA Linux+
  • XK0-004
CompTIA Network+
  • N10-007
CompTIA A+
  • 220-902
  • 220-901

My Skills — Programming Languages

I am fluent in NodeJS

I have programmed in NodeJS at a professional level for over 3 years. Most of my personal projects are written in NodeJS when it makes sense. This website is written in NodeJS (using NextJS).

I am also fluent in PHP

PHP was the first back-end language I learned, and I used it to build dozens of hobby websites as I was learning how to program. I have a hobby site I've written in PHP on my Github. Just before I started programming in NodeJS I was using the Slim framework for PHP to power my projects.

I understand SQL

I have a good understanding of MySQL and Microsoft's Transact SQL. My SQL experience includes but isn't limited to creating databases, tables, and stored procedures.

I have a working understanding of C#

I really like the syntax of C#. I have used it in the past to write several Windows Forms Apps for work and for personal use. I've also explored C# in the Unity Engine, and on the web.

I have a good understanding of Python

I don't program in Python very often but when I do it's typically creating scripts to scrape web content. I have a script that does this open sourced on my Github. I'm also starting to dabble in the machine learning area using TensorFlow.

Operating Systems, Software & Services

Microsoft SQL Server / TSQL
I have worked with Microsoft Sql Server in a production setting

I have experience creating databases, tables, stored procedures and managing basic permissions in Microsoft SQL Server.

MySQL / MariaDB
I typically use MySQL for my hobby projects

I prefer to use MySQL over MariaDB, but have used both for hobby projects.

React / React Native (Expo)
I am comfortably learning React

I have created several multi-paged mobile applications using React Native through Expo. I have also created a few personal projects using React. This portfolio site uses React, and is built on the NextJS React framework. I encourage you to take a look!

I maintain a gigabit internal and external network at home

At home I run a PFSense install with several subnets splitting traffic for LAN, Virtual Machines and Guest users into seperate networks. My home network is also built with cat5e cables I've cut and run myself and using fully managed HP ProCurve switches configured through the console.

I maintain a 30TB FreeNAS server at home

I use FreeNAS to make large amounts of storage accessable throughout my home network. My computers at home connect to the NAS to allow quick access to large amounts of data. Multiple devices and service ranging from Plex to Security cameras also use this storage to hold data.

Virtualization & Docker
The majority of services I run at home are virtualized with Hyper-V

I host a variety of permanent and temparary virtual machines at home with Microsoft Hyper-V. The virtual machines vary from headless Linux installs to Windows desktop installs. Some of my virtualized services include Plex, FreeNAS, a NGINX web server, and a MySQL database server. I also have basic working knowledge of Docker and Docker Compose. My primary experience with Docker comes from CI/Pipelines integration on Atlassian's BitBucket.

Server Administration
I work well in several server environments

I have used and administrated Windows Server in a professional environment for over 3 years. I also have around 9 years of experience working in the terminal of Debian-based Linux servers.

Other Skills

Ethernet Cabling

I have experience creating my own CAT5e ethernet cabling. All the networking hardware in my home uses ethernet cables I have created myself.

I can successfully solder on small electronics

I've soldered modchips into video game consoles, repaired damaged computer components, and soldered to my own custom designed PCBs.

Bug Bounties & Reverse Engineering

I have earned payouts for responsibly disclosing software vulnerabilities. I have experience reverse engineering iOS applications and system executables. I have created iOS operating system and application extensions called "Tweaks" that execute at runtime using dumped header files. I have good experience reverse engineering web applications.

My Interests & Hobbies — Interests and hobbies I like to spend my time on

Computer Programming

Web development, scripting, video game mods, apps, automation and more.

Reverse Engineering

iOS tweak development and website vulnerability disclosure.


Custom firmwares, video game mods, cheats, homebrew software and iOS jailbreaking.


Using the Ableton Live DAW and a midi keyboard to produce music. Mixing music with Traktor Pro 3 and Traktor Kontrol.

Home Server & Network Administration

I maintain and operate a gigabit internal network and homelab. My homelab consists of a PFSense firewall & a HP Procurve Managed Switch, 30TB NAS, Microsoft Hyper-V, Plex, PiHole, and more!

Video Games

I love Nintendo consoles, PC gaming, and VR. I also occasionally host video game servers.

My Projects — Some projects that I've worked on

A community-oriented console homebrew website written in PHP

3DSThemes was a website that I worked on with a small team. I handled the backend programming in PHP, the MySQL database, the Debian server administration, and some of the front-end development and design. This was a project I joined after its creation, and left at a later point. When it was active, the website reached a user count of over 1,000, an uploaded theme (content) count of over 2,500, and a total download count of over 335,000 themes.

At its peak, the website surpassed Nintendo’s official 3DS Themes page to become the top ranking result in Google search. The website featured a user account system, user profiles, a theme upload and download system, a tagging and content search system, and a content gallery. Development of a native Nintendo 3DS homebrew application to download themes was in development by another party but never completed. The website succumbed to a SQL injection attack that wiped the database and not too long after the website closed down.

With this project, at the age of 17, I learned website management and development skills for a website with high traffic. After this website I also prioritized writing safer and more secure code, as well as the importance of automatic scheduled backups. Attached to this post is an archive of the website at its peak.

A passion project website shared between friends and trusted people, written in PHP

Maagic was a website I built for my friends and I to have screenshot hosting without any real limitations. Maagic was attached to my NAS of 30TB to allow a very large amount of data to be uploaded without really running into any constraints. It initially started out as a modification of the Puush screenshot client, used by running hex-edited binaries to point to Maagic servers. Later, it was changed to become an endpoint for the screenshot software ShareX.

Towards the end of it's lifetime it became semi-private and invite only. At it's peak, Maagic served over 12,100 files and maintained just below 20 users invited to the platform. It also contained several API endpoints for first party (an iOS jailbreak tweak that interfaced with the system) and third party (Puush, ShareX) screencapture clients.

Traffic for served content was larger than I expected, but not easy to monetize due to resource links being direct links.

A community-oriented open-source website in the iOS jailbreak scene written in PHP

WebTSS was my attempt at making an open source (MIT) website that saves iOS SHSH blobs, useful for restoring an iPhone after Apple disallows downgrading to a specific firmware. This project is now defunct, but at the time it gained some small attention and a few community pull requests.

An iOS jailbreak tweak written in Objective-C

Monthlicon is an iOS jailbreak tweak that modified the system home screen ("SpringBoard") to display the current month as the Calendar app's display label. While simple, this tweak was downloaded over 10,000 times from the BigBoss repository in the Cydia package manager, and has an article written about it.

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